How to prevent FS overflow due to excessive logging?

Tobias Ernst tobi at
Wed Nov 14 08:38:13 PST 2007

Hi all,

we have a default policy that logs all dropped packets. Accordingly, I
have carefully adjusted my newsyslogd configuration and made sure there
is plenty of space in /var/log.

Today, one of our computers started sending out UDP packets to a certain
(seemingly unknown) IP address, port 7800. And it sent many of them -
about 2 million within one hour. This led to a 3 GIG pflog file and of
course made our file system overflow.

We are currently figuring out what that was, but there is another
question that boggles me: how do I prevent such file system overflows in
the future?

With conventional syslogd logging, syslogd will not print out lines that
are excessive repetitions of previous lines. Is there a way to make PF
not log excessive repetitions?

I do not want to disable UDP logging generally - after all I want to be
told when things like this happen.


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