Bandwidth manager solution

Gregory Edigarov greg at
Thu Nov 8 08:50:05 PST 2007

Balgansuren Batsukh wrote:
> Hello All,
> Is there any hardware vendor suggest for me?
> I need to manage bandwidth management 1xSTM-1/OC3-2xSTM-1 optical IP 
> bandwidth circuit.
> Anyone has experience with bandwidth manager?
> I saw others like Allot, Packeteer, Cisco SCE2000 only doing protocol, 
> service based bandwidth management using TCP rate limit, fair queueing.
> I am looking high performance bandwidth manager, traffic shaper for IP core 
> network to configure leased line, xDSL, Ethernet, GPON/EPON, wireless 
> subscribers.
> Is there any FreeBSD based solution?
Uhmmm. Well. Does 'ipfw pipe' or pf altq enoug freebsd based solution? ;-)

With best regards,
    Gregory Edigarov

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