load balancing and sticky address

teknet8 teknet8 at o2.pl
Tue Dec 5 00:06:02 PST 2006

I would like to use smart sticky address fuction.
The problem is:
table <lb> {,, }
rdr on xl0 inet proto tcp from any to IP_PUBLICO port 80 -> { <lb> }
round-robin sticky-address
pass in quick log on xl0 proto tcp from any to <lb> port 80 flags S/SA
modulate state (src.track 1800)
I want to remember old (finished) sessions traces for 30 minutes, and
do the same decision in load balancing for that 30 minutes.
Problem is when one of the destination hosts fail.
If clientA is using and fails sticky address option
will force pf to route traffic from clientA to for next 30 minutes.
How can i solve such problem ?
Is the exactly the same problem as described in:


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