PF with subanchors possible bug

Boris Polevoy vapcom at
Fri Apr 28 08:42:15 UTC 2006

Hello, All!

Some possible bug in PF FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE (same seems be in RELENG_6).

PF have strange behaviour with subanchors. Test configs:

table <test> { }
anchor "external" all
load anchor "external" from "pf.sub.conf"

anchor "internal"
load anchor "internal" from "pf.sub.sub.conf"

pass in quick from <test> to any

# pfctl -q -f pf.conf
# pfctl -q -s rules
anchor "external" all

One anchor rule, as in pf.conf, but

# pfctl -q -s Anchors

show two anchors in main ruleset.

# pfctl -q -s Anchors -v

Same as before with recurcive anchors layout. Anchors have correct rules:

# pfctl -q -s rules -a external
anchor "internal" all
# pfctl -q -s rules -a internal
pass in quick from <test> to any

This situation repeat in case PF direct control via ioctl(DIOCADDRULE).
During PF analis I have found in pf_table.c/pfr_attach_table():

struct pfr_ktable *kt, *rt;
struct pfr_table tbl;
struct pf_anchor *ac = rs->anchor;
if (ac != NULL)
  strlcpy(tbl.pfrt_anchor, ac->name, sizeof(tbl.pfrt_anchor));
kt= pfr_lookup_table(&tbl);
if (kt == NULL) {
     pfr_create_ktable(&tbl, time_second, 1);

In case ac->name == "internal", ac->path == "external/internal"
function pfr_create_ktable() lookup ruleset tbl.pfrt_anchor, don't find it,
and create new ruleset with name "internal". Seems this code must be:

if (ac != NULL)
  strlcpy(tbl.pfrt_anchor, ac->path, sizeof(tbl.pfrt_anchor));

Is it bug or not?

With best regards
Boris Polevoy

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