pf help available

Travis H. solinym at
Sat Apr 1 22:44:30 UTC 2006


If anyone has questions about pf, or wants firewall rulesets written,
I know that not all questions get answered here, and I am short on
cash at the moment., so I am available for consulting at reasonable
rates (e.g. ~$100 for a me to write you a ruleset, perhaps $25-50/hr
to grovel through the pf source or debug a malfunctioning

I have been active in computer security for over 17 years, send me an
email if you wish to know more about my qualifications or to retain my
Security Guru for Hire -><-
GPG fingerprint: 9D3F 395A DAC5 5CCC 9066  151D 0A6B 4098 0C55 1484

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