Recent BETA4 - BETA5 carp breakage?

Scott Ullrich sullrich at
Sat Sep 24 16:42:09 PDT 2005

On 9/23/05, Max Laier <max at> wrote:
> So the synopsis seems to be: pfsync defunct with high HZ.  That's bad and
> needs to be investigated.  Can you please make sure that your source tree was
> otherwise clean and submitt a PR for this?  Let me know as soon as you have a
> ticket number.  Thanks.

After testing all of yesterday the problem is back.   I had a winamp
stream playing almost for 7 hours solid but IRC and Jabber both seem
to drop from time to time when handing back to the master (this is
with box boxes at a HZ=1000).  I also noticed the master box once
online is slowly syncing the state tables.  Before the state tables
seem to rapidly sync but its a bit slower now.   I'll continue to do
tests today and tomorrow trying to narrow it down some more.


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