selective logging of what pf is rejecting?

bob self bobself at
Fri Sep 9 11:52:30 PDT 2005

My pf.conf file looks something like this

block in all
block out all
pass quick on lo0 keep state
antispoof for $ext_if

pass in on $ext_if from <goodguys> to any keep state
pass in log on $ext_if proto tcp from any to $ext_if port 80 flags S/SA 
keep state label "www"        #apache
block in on $ext_if from <badguys> to any

pass out on $ext_if proto tcp from any to any flags S/SA keep state    # 
allow any tcp setup out
pass out on $ext_if proto udp all keep state                # allow any 
udp out

pass on $ext_if inet proto icmp all icmp-type 8 code 0 keep state    # 
allow echo request in or out, (man pf.conf:1618)

Is there a way I can turn on (temporarily) logging of wht pf is not 
allowing to come in? Also, is there a real-time tool that
will let you watch what pf if blocking from coming in?

How could you just log what pf allows to get through?

Bob Self

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