logging to another machine

Greg Hennessy Greg.Hennessy at nviz.net
Mon Sep 5 09:09:07 PDT 2005

> [Thanks for the -l response, realized it moments after posting :)]

Yes, I scratched my head too until I figured out the -l rune LOL. 

> I don't want ascii logged, I want the binary data logged remotely. 
> Installing tcpdump on the firewall just to log stuff is way 
> overkill (though if it's there already one cares less).  I 
> build very small systems (this firewall is typically <8Mb cf 
> and ram is typically very tight too) and requiring tcpdump 
> just to log pf stuff is unacceptable.
> Guess I need to roll my own logger program that reads from 
> pflog and dispatches to another machine.

ISTR a pflogd patch for OBSD 3.[34] which did something similar. 

/me does a google

Ahh, here we go



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