logging to another machine

Greg Hennessy Greg.Hennessy at nviz.net
Mon Sep 5 00:26:33 PDT 2005

> tcpdump -i pflog0 -n -e -ttt | logger -p local7.info -h sysloghost
> but that didn't work for some reason. 

Add the '-l' flag to tcpdump and it will. 

~ # ps axww | egrep 'tcpdump|logger'
  428 con- S      0:02.70 tcpdump -s 96 -l -e -t -i pflog0
  429 con- S      0:00.30 logger -p local0.info -t pf

> Regardless it'd be 
> nice to have something less klunky and with less overhead.

It would :-), but it's the best I've found for logging pf to syslog. 


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