Problems with ftp/ftp-proxy

J. Martin Petersen techlists at
Mon Jan 24 15:15:47 PST 2005

J. Martin Petersen wrote:
> Ah, thanks for the tip. When I remove the "user proxy" additions from 
> the rule set I showed, it works just perfect. I'll try to investigate 
> why "user proxy" does not work, because when I check with ps ftp-proxy 
> is clearly running as user proxy.

It seems I spoke too soon. After some fiddling around it actually seems 
to work with "user proxy".

What does not, however, "just work" is active ftp from a pc running 
Windows XP sp2 with the built-in firewall enabled. What fooled me was 
that while it is perfectly capable of connecting to a machine on the 
local network with active ftp and the firewall turned on, it does not 
work when you try to connect to an external server with active ftp as 
the XP firewall drops the return packages from the ftp-proxy after the 
PORT command. I can't understand why, but it seems to be well known that 
the XP firewall does all sorts of weird stuff to ftp clients. Sigh.

Cheers, Martin.

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