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Max Laier max at
Tue Jan 18 04:50:32 PST 2005

On Tuesday 18 January 2005 13:31, Eric Masson wrote:
> >>>>> "Eric" == Eric Masson <e-masson at> writes:
> Followup to myself.
> A refinement in the problem description :
> Trafic from the host where pf runs flows fine, but I need to issue a
> pfctl -F all -f /etc/pf.conf to make traffic from/to hosts on the
> network.

Okay, that hints that the NAT-rule is to blame.  Can you check the output of 
"$pfctl -vvsn" after a reconnect, but before issuing a ruleset reload?  This 
looks a bit like PR kern/69954, in which case you might want to try to write 
your nat-rule as:

nat on $ext_if from $int_if:network to any -> ($ext_if:0)

Please let me know if that helps and - if not - send in the output of -vvsn.


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