Ingress + outgress traffic shape

mzk mzk at
Sun Jan 16 08:08:15 PST 2005

Hello. Have anyone made ingress + outgress traffic shape? I am doing altq on 
$int_if and $ext_if, then 
pass in from $user to any queue user_up (this queue is on altq $ext_if), then
pass out from any to $user queue user_down (this queue is on altq $int_if). As i 
know (not 100% sure), i could shape only `outgoing` traffic, therefore my rules 
have this look. With or without using keep state every time only one rule is 
used (user_up or user_down). The traffic, which does not go through the queue, 
is going though the default queue for the interface. I tried with (respective 
without, and combinations) quick, keep state, removing and changing `in` and 
`out` rule directions.
Second i want to ask wether i can use only one rule for several computers (like 
ipfw + dummynet, 1 pipe used for every different host in the network, different 
queue is created for different flows). Hope someone could help ;) Thank's in 

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