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On Thursday 13 January 2005 20:28, security at wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope this is the right place to discuss this.. I've had a couple of
> features that I think would fit nicely in pf, but only now I'm sending
> this email..

First of all, thanks.  Second of all, I'd like to repeat what I said some time 
or another: I see pf4FreeBSD as a port not as a fork, hence I encourage that 
you bring up suggestions for new features with the OpenBSD folks - unless 
it's a FreeBSD specific - first.  Once it makes it's way into a new OpenBSD 
release it will also make it's way into FreeBSD (sooner or later).

> First of all, I believe pf is the best firewall around, I've been using it
> since there was a port available to FreeBSD :-). Also, sorry if this was
> previously discussed as I did not check the archives.
> Here are my two proposed features for pf:
> 1) Add the username of the blocked packet to the pf log. Currently, it's
> hard to trace an outgoing blocked packet to a username unless you're
> watching real-time. For example:
> 2005-01-11 03:03:40.777286 rule 92/0(match): block out on em0: IP
> > zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz.6667: FP 0:24(24) ack 1 win 32832
> <nop,nop,timestamp 21705093 1375749783>
> I think the username that triggered the rule would fit really nicely and
> would be really handy.. like this:
> 2005-01-11 03:03:40.777286 rule 92/0(match): block out on em0: IP
> > zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz.6667: FP 0:24(24) ack 1 win 32832
> <nop,nop,timestamp 21705093 1375749783> user UserName
> This would greatly reduce the time needed to find someone abusing the
> firewall from inside the system, for example trying to portscan someone
> and most of the packets hitting the firewall.. This shouldn't be too hard
> to implement.

Though I agree that this might be helpful on busy, multiuser shell servers, I 
don't think it will happen.  For one, it's overly expensive to look up the 
user to a socket.  Moreover, it's not the job of the firewall to enforce 
local restrictions (or to log local events).  If you want sophisticated 
control (and logging) of the activity of your local user you can either use 
the MAC framework or restrict possible evildoers into jails.  Hacking it into 
pf is not a good idea - IMO.

> 2) Different blocked traffic goes to different logfiles
> My other idea is based on the following concept.. Normally your server
> sits there, serving requests etc, blocks some scans on the firewall,
> random bruteforce attacks, and so on. But, if unfornately your server is a
> target of a DDoS attack, then all the attack log will be with the rest of
> the junk your server receives. Altough not impossible, filtering the log
> to obtain only the DDoS attack log for analysis still takes it's time. My
> suggestion is: Why not allow a directive on pf.conf that let's you specify
> to which logfile that rule should be logged to ? Using this model, you
> could set up some rules aimed at blocking traffic, but then the logging
> will be on it's own, private, separate file. You could set up several
> rules you know will never be matched unless there is an attempt to attack
> the server (etc), and, when matched, they'll be easily available on a
> (possibly) small logfile, instead of the geral, big big log.
> This also helps a lot tracking failed attack attempts, each on it's own
> log.. thus cutting down the time one needs to find any blocked packets in
> the logs: You always know it will be in file A,B,C..

You can do that.  Tcpdump/libpcap offer means to filter on a certain rule 
number etc.  You can either have pflogd logging all into one (big) logfile 
and split it afterwards with tcpdump -r or you can write a modified pflogd 
that would do the splitting online.

> Again, if these have already been discussed in the past, I'm sorry. If
> not, please give some feedback.

Not really discussed before (if my memory servers me right), but don't worry 
about such things too much.  Feedback and suggestions greatly appreciated.

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