Bridging + pf in a production environment

Ballance, Robert T tyler at
Wed Jan 12 23:57:17 PST 2005

Howdy list, 

My university is starting to seriously look into migrating from our convoluted
Slackware Linux + iptables bridging solution to a FreeBSD + pf bridging solution. 

I've been reading around about it, after the mention by Solarflux about there
being problems currently with bridging with pf on FreeBSD. Which worries me,
he mentioned the option of using OpenBSD, which, is an option, but whatever we
commit to, we're going to commit to for a good couple of years. (We have been
using Slackware for about 2 years thus far)

Is anybody currently working on bringing of if_bridge from Net/OpenBSD as Max
suggests (

If not, if anybody could really outline how fixing this problem could be fixed
(past maybe just importing if_bridge) I might be able to convince my employer
to  pay me to work on it ;) 
(after all, I'm just a measely student worker :P)

Let me know :)

-R. Tyler Ballance 

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