structure has no member named `anchor_call'

sam sam.wun at
Thu Jan 6 22:09:12 PST 2005


I got the following error with anchor_call:

error: structure has no member named `anchor_call'

The line of code is:
/* Create the anchor call rule in main */
bzero(&rule, sizeof(struct pfioc_rule));
strncpy(rule.rule.ifname, pfp->iface, IFNAMSIZ-1);
strncpy(rule.anchor_call, pfp->anchorname, PF_ANCHOR_NAME_SIZE-1);

I don't know what change made to pf in freebsd.  The machine I m using 
is a FreeBSD beta 6. Should I try it under 5.3 stable?
If there is change, what should I modify the code?


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