RFC: CARP - what's (not) working

Max Laier max at love2party.net
Thu Nov 25 04:48:25 PST 2004


I know that quite a few of you are running my CARP patches and some have 
already told me that they have it working "well enough". I'd like to use this 
weekend to do a (hopefully) final round of read-through and OpenBSD import 
and hope to get things on track afterwards. For this task to be successful I 
need *YOUR* input.

Please send me a short note (off-list) if you have it working. I am *not* 
interested in build errors (because I know it can be build)! But I am 
interested in your problems with the running setup. If you experienced any 
problems, please let me know. If you already use it successfully, please let 
me know as well. Describe your setup with a few words.

To make it easier for me, it'd be great if your could keep it short and to the 
point, but better write two lines more if you have to. I'd also like to ask 
you to prepend your *descriptive* subject line with "[CARP]". As in:
 [CARP] Working - VLAN woes

Please also re-report everything that has not yet been addressed. I had busy 
times and most likely just lost track of your mail.

Many thanks in advance. More good news on monday - I hope!

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