pf on FreeBSD 4,5,6,etc ;)

R. Tyler Ballance tyler at
Mon Nov 22 17:11:57 PST 2004

Howdy there, 

I'm slightly curious about running packet filter on FreeBSD

Now, before I get flamed about just upgrading to 5.3-STABLE, let me just
say that, that won't be happening until the uniprocessor performance
improves (but that's another can 'o' beans)

Anyways, I'm developing an application for my university (Texas A&M),
and I can support packet filter on NetBSD-current, and OpenBSD 3.5,6,
but I'm a bigger fan of FreeBSD, not to mention, the university runs
it's main firewalls on Drawbridge ( on
FreeBSD 4.xx-STABLE. 

It'd be much easier to convince them to switch the internal bridges from
slackware to FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE than FreeBSD 5.3-STABLE ;)

Can it be done, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

-R. Tyler Ballance
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