please test: ifstated(8) patches

Max Laier max at
Wed Nov 17 17:00:03 PST 2004

On Wednesday 17 November 2004 22:54, Matthew George wrote:
> I've gone and ported OpenBSD's ifstated(8) to FreeBSD.

Nice! Good that you found the sysctl's to substitute the SIOCGIFDATA ioctl. I 
haven't yet had time to look at it, but that seems to close bin/73877 [1], or 
is there any functionality that you are missing? Doesn't look like it from 
your diff.

> The attached ifstated.patch will apply against src/usr.sbin/ifstated/*
> from OpenBSD's cvs, and compiles cleanly against RELENG_5_3.

Very nice, would you mind to turn it into a proper port? Just drop me a 
tarball if you don't have somewhere to host it. I don't know if ifstated 
should go into the base-system. It looks like it should be able to run as a 
port just fine?

> The ifstated.conf.patch is basically the same as OpenBSD's, except for a
> ping command line option.  The config file has a comment in it noting that
> net.inet.carp.preempt must be set to '1' in order for it to work.  I
> performed my testing with it set to '0', and it seemed to be fine for me.

Is there a problem with preempt in the patchset right now?

> The config script calls ifconfig on carp interfaces for its actions, but
> that's the only requirement for carp ... it should work fine for non-carp
> kernels with the proper config script.

Again, thanks a lot!
Everybody, please help testing.


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