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Max Laier max at
Mon Nov 8 07:21:42 PST 2004

On Monday 08 November 2004 15:30, Łukasz Dudek wrote:
> i've tried to configure multipath nat using RELENG_5 box
> (when it was current and now when it became stable)
> this are simplified rules schema i've been using

Please send the *complete* ruleset you are useing.

> nat on $ext_if1 from $int_subnet to any -> ($ext_if1)
> nat on $ext_if2 from $int_subnet to any -> ($ext_if2)
> #
> ## routing for internal subnets
> pass in on $int_if \
>        route-to { ( $ext_if1 $gateway1), ( $ext_if2 $gateway2 ) }
> round-robin \ from $int_subnet to any keep state
> ## need the next rules to properly pass traffic to/from the external IPs
> pass out on $ext_if2 route-to ($ext_if1 $gateway1) from $ext_if1 to any
> pass out on $ext_if1 route-to ($ext_if2 $gateway2) from $ext_if2 to any
> every time i've loaded this rules machine hangs hard in 30 to 300
> seconds leaving nothing on special information on console or in logs
> i've been manipulating debug.mpsafenet without any change

Are you *sure* that you had debug.mpsafenet=0 in the end? You know that it is 
only changeable during the loader and *not* in the live system?

> i've compiled in remote console via serial cable support
> i've also compiled in required debugging options.
> and it shows nothing but i've been able to send break.
> and probably manualy send doadump (i didnt try)
> then i've setup an openbsd 3.5 generic install on another disk
> and just copied my pf.conf to started the machine and everything
> was working fine for few hours.
> so i'm curios what should i look for to make it working on freebsd, or
> meaby something is wrong whith my configuration or freebsd.

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