DBIx::Simple: Any user? New maintainer?

parv at pair.com parv at pair.com
Fri Feb 28 05:40:18 UTC 2014

Hi there,

in message <e4a0824e48a6355c9daee75280b1b999.authenticated at ultimatedns.net>,
wrote Chris H thusly...
> > I am the current maintainer of databases/p5-DBIx-Simple port (last
> > updated on CPAN is 1.35 in 2011).
> >
> > Are there any user of the port? Have there been problems otherwise?
> > (If it is not obvious, I am not an user.)
> >
> > While here, would anybody want to pick up the maintainership?
> Yes, I use it.

Good to hear.

> Yes. I have time, and would be happy to maintain it.

Rather overwhelming display of love DBIx::Simple got! :-)

I have submitted a PR to reset port maintainer; keep an eye out for
it. I cannot appoint anyone to be one; please choose amongst


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