FreeBSD Port: graphics/p5-GD - VERSION_33

Felix J. Ogris fjo-lists at
Wed Feb 19 17:01:27 UTC 2014


Makefile.PL of p5-GD-2.51 won't set VERSION_33 even if libgd-2.1.0_1 is installed. Thus, copyRotated() won't work.
I think lines 299+300 of Makefile.PL of p5-GD-2.51 are not correct:

  my ($minor)    = $version =~ /^2\.\d+\.(\d+)$/;
  $$options     .= " GD_UNCLOSEDPOLY GD_ANIMGIF GD_FTCIRCLE VERSION_33" if defined($minor) && $minor >= 33;

That doesn't work for any version of libgd where minor number is < 33, even though its major number is > 2.0


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