FreeBSD on Amazon AWS EC2 long standing performance problems

Gunther Schadow raj at
Sun Feb 14 01:31:34 UTC 2021

On 2/10/2021 11:47 AM, Sean Chittenden wrote:

> Expect to see something about this on this year's Community Survey and the
> Core Team will do something with this information.
> Cloud has been an increasingly important workload for FreeBSD users.

Thank you Sean,

I think it would really be good to have this kind of Wiki or point of visible
discussion of FreeBSD on AWS. Because there isn't just bad news, there is also
good news.

I have a very expensive reporting job on my PostgreSQL database. And I have
3 servers now. An older Amz Linux setup which I did a few years ago, another
even earlier. I thought my earlier Amz Linux server was a lot faster than
FreeBSD that I set up now.

But then in my desperation I set up a new Amz Linux where I even got ZFS
installed. But, lo and behold, when I did the report generation I found that
FreeBSD worked it in 12 hours while the new Linux system took 21 hours. So
there is now clarity that while perhaps some read and write speeds may look
better on Linux, in something as complex as my database the result can be
better on FreeBSD.

There may still be ways to improve the Linux setup, perhaps even more than the
FreeBSD, but I don't see anything obvious. The good news is that I can now
go forth with my FreeBSD solution which is so much nicer to manage.

PS: there are still tremendous slowness. Especially using the AWS CLI Python
setup is unbearably and ridiculously slow, so sow in fact that I have rather
worked in learning how to sign my own requests and issue those AWS CLI
operations with my Java workaround.


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