Measuring ZFS configuration differences

Dan Langille dan at
Mon Oct 12 17:00:22 UTC 2015

Following up on the discussions during EuroBSDCon 2015 (Stockholm) during the FreeBSD Developer
Summit regarding various ZFS configuration settings, I write to start our implementation phase now that some
usual suspects have joined the list.


I think the first order of business is granting access rights to the server (varm) in question:

During the workshop, mention was made of serial access.  I can arrange that.

The server has IPMI, however, my first thought:

1 - connect a USB-serial cable to varm & link that to another server in my rack.
2 - create a jail in that server and give it access to that serial connection
3 - redirect incoming port XYZ to that jail via a public-key-only ssh connection
4 - give people access

Any suggestions?

Dan Langille

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