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Some recent FreeBSD related questions in this app area.

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On Thu, 01 Jan 2015 23:42:42 -0500
Libertas <libertas at mykolab.com> wrote:

> The first two account for the bulk of the calls, as they are in the
> core data relaying logic.
> Ultimately, the problem seems to be that the caching is very weak. At
> most, only half of the calls to tor_gettimeofday_cached_monotonic()
> use the cache. It appears in the vomiting print statements that
> loading a single simple HTML page
> (http://www.openbsd.org/faq/ports/guide.html to be exact) will cause
> >30 gettimeofday() syscalls. You can imagine how that would
> >accumulate for an exit carrying 800 KB/s if the caching
> doesn't improve much with additional circuits.

So while optimization is cool and all, I'm not seeing why this
specifically is the underlying issue.

Each cell can contain 498 bytes of user payload.  Looking at things
simplistically this is 800 KiB/s -> 1644 cells/sec, leaving you with
approximately 608 microseconds of processing time per cell.

On my i5-4250U box, gettimeofday() takes 22 ns on Linux, and 2441 ns on
FreeBSD.  I'm not sure how accurate the FreeBSD results are as it was
in a VirtualBox VM (getpid() on the same VM takes 124 ns).  If someone
has a OpenBSD box they should benchmark gettimeofday() and see how long
the call takes.

Taking the FreeBSD case (since we know that tor works fine on Linux), a
single gettimeofday() call takes approximately, 0.39% of the per-cell
processing budget.

For reference (assuming gettimeofday() in *BSD really is this shit
performance wise), 7000 calls to gettimeofday() is 17.09 ms worth of

The clock code in tor does need love, so I wouldn't object to cleanup,
but I'm not sure it's in the state where it's causing the massive
performance degradation that you are seeing.


Yawning Angel

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