Phoronix comparision of Linux & FreeBSD kernel on Debian

Marcus Reid marcus at
Fri Mar 1 08:12:55 UTC 2013

On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 03:18:35PM +0100, Miroslav Lachman wrote:
> Debian Linux vs. Debian kFreeBSD With Squeeze & Wheezy
> They are comparing 4 instances of Debian. kFreeBSD versions are
> running with 8.1 and 9.0 kernels. There are some improvements and some
> regressions too.

That's the article from December, 2012.  Old news.  I'm sure you'll find
some discussion if you look at the list archives from around that time.

It's easy to find fault with phoronix's methods but they're some of the
only guys doing what they're doing, and I always look forward to new
results from them.  At the very least, they seem interested in analyzing
non-linux platforms hoping to prove linux is superior, and hoping to
find ways to improve linux.  Which is just fine, but don't expect them
to do a lot of tuning to match the reliability/performance tradeoff
decisions that were made in linux, which tend more toward
fast-and-dangerous by default.


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