Compressed RAM disk swap space

David turbolad995 at
Fri Nov 9 12:33:38 UTC 2012

Hi, I have tried something which actually boosts performance: a 
compressed RAM disk used as swap space.  As an end user, I do a lot of 
testing on PC-BSD and Ubuntu.  It was suggested in the PC-BSD forums I 
put my idea in one of these mailing lists.

The compressed RAM disk I tested is called "zRam" and I use it on 
Ubuntu.  It makes a noticeable difference on older computers e.g. 1GB of 
RAM.  Would the same feature work in FreeBSD and PC-BSD?  I use PC-BSD.  
The zRam feature really *does* boost performance.  As an end-user, I 
don't know exactly how it works; I just installed it from the "Software 
Centre" in Ubuntu and enjoy the performance boost and I have noticed the 
hard disk is not constantly in use, compared to not using zRam.

You can see my original posting in the PC-BSD forums:

Hope this idea is considered. :)

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