OpenCL backend for LLVM

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On Mon, 12 Mar 2012 16:31:46 +0100 "O. Hartmann"
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> So far, FreeBSD does have the support of a native driver by nVidia.
> But there are no compatible FreeBSD VUDA libraries, there is no
> working "compiler" (nvcc does only run on Linux and expects still in
> conjunction with the CUDA SDK 4.1 a gcc < 4.6) and LLVM is far away
> from having a suitable PTX backend - a "sine conditio qua non" as I
> was said once.

I (with the help of some others after I had already something to show)
once "convinced" the Linux version of the Intel C/C++ compiler to
generate FreeBSD native binaries. I did this because I thought it could
be possible and had interest to give it a try. No business behind, no
market to satisfy.

I don't know the specifics of this nvcc, but with a little bit of
interest and motivation, maybe something similar could be done.

> Some guy from Universität Saarbrücken proposed in his final thesis
> soem stuff, but it hasn't been picked up by BSD people. Linux folks

I don't understand what you talk about here, but links to his final
thesis may be much more interesting for some people than to not even
know the title of this final thesis.


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