OpenCL backend for LLVM

Eduardo Morras nec556 at
Mon Mar 12 13:39:16 UTC 2012

At 19:16 09/03/2012, Adrian Chadd wrote:
>On 9 March 2012 09:31, O. Hartmann <ohartman at> wrote:
> > Well, having to pick up existing ideas and incarntions of those for
> > Linux is always a pain in the ass, but necessary at the moment. The
> > "experts" neglected long time the need for keeping FBSD on par with KMS
> > stuff or all the other development done in that area. Hope "we"
> > (FreeBSD) will get such a thing on a high performance base soon in
> > FreeBSD. Or things change again and there is a real platform-independent
> > standard, not necessaryly bound to Linux (which is not very realistic).
>When you say experts, you really mean "users who can code." Companies
>wrote those funny graphics memory API things for Linux. They didn't
>have a market for BSD.
>If you want a market for BSD you have to create it. :)

Yes, it's "snake-selfbite-tail" circle, no market no development, no 
development no market. I know i'm part of the problem because i 
should had showed some development and examples of cuda apps on 
freebsd and made it more visible as hpc platfrom.

>I've met some developers at nvidia. They all think the GPU offload
>stuff is _in_ the FreeBSD nvidia driver. So someone needs to figure
>out what's (still) missing from at least running workloads on FreeBSD.

Sorry, i don't understand what you want to say here. Exactly, what do 
they need? development/alpha/beta/final testers? I can port cuda 
examples from linux to freebsd or develop new ones, but currently 
there's no SDK for freebsd, only the cuda runtime.

Don't know what's the current status of the freebsd nvidia driver on 
cuda/opencl, before i used the recipe from here 
to run cuda apps on freebsd, it worked for 32bits app but the 
approach posted on second comment by Jacob Frelinger never worked for me.

>Same deal goes for workload issues that people have. Keep posting
>scheduler traces, keep doing the investigations and don't be afraid to
>think up solutions.

I'm going to try again, not only cuda but opencl too on a freebsd 8.2 
with production data and last nvidia drivers to get (if works) real numbers.

>The rest of us are mostly just users who hack on this stuff for fun. :-)

Keep doing this great hacking and having fun :)

>(Who is hacking on this stuff (FreeBSD) for fun.)

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