FreeBSD NFS latency stats

Victor Balada Diaz victor at
Tue Dec 4 12:07:24 UTC 2012


>From time to time we're seeing that some requests take a long time to
serve from our NFS servers. I've been trying to monitor NFS latency
but so far i haven't found anything on FreeBSD that allows me to do this.

nfsstat(1) doesn't have latency counters.
gstat(8) doesn't work because nfs mounts are not devices.
iostat(8) doesn't work with nfs mounts.
sysctl trees vfs.nfs and vfs.nfsrv don't have anything about latency.

I've found that Linux people do have an nfs-iostat tool for
kernels newer than 2.6.17:;a=blob;f=tools/nfs-iostat/;h=9626d42609b9485c7fda0c9ef69d698f9fa929fd;hb=HEAD

How do you monitor NFS latency with FreeBSD client and server?

Thanks a lot.
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