connect to VPN server with l2tp

Tilman Keskinöz arved at
Mon Jan 10 09:33:17 UTC 2011

On Jan 10, 2011, at 07:49 , Gholam Mostafa Faridi wrote:

> I use FreeBSD AMD64 with Gnome , my friend manage VPN on FreeBSD box and it use L2tp method.
> So my friend say when I want use it , I must use it with l2tp method or way ,
> I search google and I see I can use l2tp for connect to VPN or MPD.
> So for connect to server what I must do ?
> Do I need I run IPSEC on my system or no ?
> Do I need config l2tp ?
> my friend only give me username and password and IP of server and say I can use these for connect server
> <>


Additional, if it is a commercial vpn-server security/vpnc might be your choice.

It is probably best to ask your friend how it is supposed to work

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