monitoring per-process disk io

R.P. Aditya aditya at
Thu Sep 30 18:02:47 UTC 2010

I'm trying to monitor, over the long-term, per-process disk IO (a
counter of bytes read and written per pid would be ideal).

I currently monitor per pid cpu and memory usage using the SNMP
Host-Resources MIB, however I don't see any oids for io (disk or
otherwise) per oid.

The closest I've come to finding what I want -- per-process disk IO
stats -- is the Linux tool dstat -- something like "screenshot 3" at:

which is the output of:

  dstat -c --top-cpu -d --top-bio --top-latency

would be good...iostat, vmstat don't give that sort of info...

any suggestions or hints? 


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