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Samuel Martín Moro faust64 at
Wed Sep 29 22:30:06 UTC 2010

Thanks for your quick answer.

I tried it out, but still have my slow-connect-problem...

I read somewhere (can't remember where...) that my network chip doesn't
support jumbo frames.
So, I thought I had better to disable rfc1323, and adjust send/recv/dgram
Am I right? Am I doing it right?

About, vfs.read_max, AFAIK (a few tests, seen on google), a "correct" value
is more likely between 32 and 128
I kept 32 as 'default', I'll do some tests before choosing mine...

And about nmbclusters, I read that it may only be tweaked on the
loader.conf, or in the kernel building configuration file.
Did I missed something? Or read some outdated doc?

Thanks for your help!

So, is there some other problem I could have missed?
What could cause such a lag?
How can the connexion "freeze" always for "exactly" five seconds before
doing anything?
ssh -v confirms: the "connect" string only appears after five seconds, and
then everything's just fine.


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