TTY task group scheduling

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Thu Nov 18 22:43:38 UTC 2010

Lucius writes:
> And using "idprio 1 $cmd" as a workaround is, well, a kludge.

You have to be root to use idprio, requiring a suid wrapper,
which strikes me as kludgy.

The worst part is that idprio and rtprio don't entirely work.
An idprio process can still interfere with a rtprio process.  :-(
Rtprio is false advertising, it is *not* real time.  Rtprio is
really just pigprio.

Freddie writes:
> As in, if you don't want your make job to hog resources, then use nice
> to run it in the background.

Doesn't always work.  Nice (and rtprio/idprio) only care about CPU
usage, not I/O usage.  Nice and friends do very little to throttle
a process that is hogging I/O resources.


Some device drivers (SATA drivers, firewire, perhaps others) hog the
CPU for obscene lengths of time, locking out even other device drivers.
This causes DATA TO BE LOST.  :-(  :-(  :-(

Some SATA drivers still don't support NCQ, causing *horrible* logjams.
NCQ also gives 10-13x the speed.

---switch to metadiscussion---

> Also, does this really need to be cross-posted to -current, -hackers,
> and -performance?

The question is why does cross posting result in receiving duplicates?
(Usenet was much better for this type of discussion.)

Chuck writes:
> I'm also turned off by the attempt to popup a full page ad in
> addition to the rest of the advertising content
> I don't see any value added from these links

I haven't tried the link in question, but I skim through using "links -g" and don't get buried in ads.
Lately I've been skimming most sites (including phoronix)
with images turned off and they load *SO* much faster.

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