Tracking performance areas over time

Erik Cederstrand erik at
Fri Nov 5 12:42:55 UTC 2010

Den 04/11/2010 kl. 18.07 skrev grarpamp:

> Not as comparison with FreeBSD but ideas for
> tracking FreeBSD performance across release/releng.
> Provided the version of the unit test is kept the
> same and it compiles across all FreeBSD release/releng
> since 2.x, automating like this shouldn't be hard.
> Natively release install [or selfhost build releng
> on top], and archive the base platforms once. Copy
> over to a test disk and reboot it natively on
> demand, insert each unit test module as desired,
> record data, copy disk and boot next version, etc...

I actually developed something like this for FreeBSD two years ago. Included were build scripts for producing releases, a description of setting up netbooting slaves, a small collection of benchmarks, a database and a web interface. In lack of hardware and time on my part to run the tests, it never got off the ground. Apart from an update to run on SVN instead of CVS, it should be functional.

If anyone's interested, please contact me.


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