pf nat & ipfw kernel nat & ng_nat - what uses less computer resources?

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On Fri, 4 Jun 2010 03:19:41 -0700 (PDT); Nikol at y wrote about 'pf nat & ipfw kernel nat & ng_nat - what uses less computer resources?':

> We have a network. Now we are using pf NAT. But we are interested in some
> question:

> 1. What type of NAT uses less computer resources?
> a) pf NAT
> b) ipfw kernel NAT
> c) NG_NAT ?

AFAIK, ipfw nat uses slightly less resources than ng_nat (not significant),
and pf uses more reosurces than two others.

> 2. BINAT or NAT - what is better? Which one of them is more faster and uses
> less computer resources with one of firewall? In theory I think that BINAT
> faster than NAT, because there is no necessary to track connections.

Not in implementation, it always does.

> 3. I know that the firewall PF does not support threads. I read that IPFW is
> (in FreeBSD 8.0, for example). But in my test I haven`t seen threads when
> used IPFW. Maybe there are some special options to compile kernel or
> configure IPFW? For tests I compiled kernel with:

There are no special threads for ipfw, it runs in the context of other threads
(driver, netisr or swi1, depending on settings and compile options).

> 4. I can`t find any information about BINAT in ipfw+ng_nat? Does anyone use
> this technology? Or maybe you know interesting information about it?

It is no "so binat" as in pf, but it can be emulated. Read these:

man natd
man libalias
man ng_nat

and use redirect_address (all three use the same underlying libalias, so even
for different implementations techniques are valid).

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