LLVM/CLANG and AMD GPU support, FreeBSD again excluded?

O. Hartmann ohartman at mail.zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Dec 6 16:31:59 UTC 2010

I'm still hoping that FreeBSD could get back into it's shiny domain 
being a highly reliable and performant Berkeley UNIX like OS, so for my 
scientific purposes I'm still looking and watching what's going on.

I found on this slide show a talk, given by some AMD fellow, about an 
OpenCL compiler:


(go down to the movies/slides and watch out for:

AMD OpenCL Compiler - Using LLVM to produce a cross-platform 
heterogeneous compiler tool chain

and enjoy).

In this talk, only OS X, Windows and Linux are explicitely mentioned. Is 
there no interest in supporting the *BSD, preferably FreeBSD? As far as 
I know, the essential backend of this chain will be the AMD graphics 
card driver with its CAL compiler generating the binary code. Yes, I 
know, bringing up the 'FreeBSD and HPC / GPGPU-issue' is naiv and maybe 
boring, but hope is something that can be very persistent ...


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