is trhere a problem with the HP SmartArray P410 and/or Postgres on FreeBSD ?

Christoph Weber-Fahr cwf-ml at
Tue Apr 13 20:57:54 UTC 2010


on a new HP Proliant DL385 G6 I have a P410 with BBWC and
8 hard drives in RAID5.
(BBWC is Battery Backed Write Cache Enabler, and the controller
is configured with 300M (75%) write cache).

One of the applications we want to run is PostgreSQL (not the top
priority, else we would use a different RAID scenario).

But before getting the system live, we tested the performance.
PostgreSQL gets a whole wopping 80 (!) tps out of this
scenario wit pgbench ( -c 5 -t 5000)

Now I had not expected top performance, but something to the tune
of 500 tps should be well possible. And it's definitely a storage
or filke system issue, since CPU is bored to death during the
benchmark, while the file system is at 100% according to systat.

On a comparable Hardware our test machine runs as a VM under VMWare
and gets ~600 tps.

Is there a known problem with this setup?

OS is FreeBSD-amd64 7.2-p7 .


Christoph Wenber-Fahr

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