SATA is to slow comparing with linux

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Wed Sep 30 22:36:48 UTC 2009

Erik Trulsson wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 08:05:32PM +0200, Oliver Lehmann wrote:
>> Andriy Gapon wrote:
>>> What mode do you have set for your controllers in BIOS?
>>> AHCI or IDE/Legacy/etc?
>> Yeah I read about this too but my BIOS offers only "RAID" and "SATA" -
>> tried both so I think AHCI is just not supported on my K8T800Pro chipset
>> for the SATA controller.
> No, AHCI isn't supported there.  The VIA K8T800Pro chipset was one of the
> earlier chipsets with built-in support for SATA, and back then AHCI had not
> been defined yet.  There are many other SATA controllers which also do not
> support AHCI.

... as the nVidia nForce4/32 (CK804) on many Socket S939-boards for AMD
Athlon64 or singlesocket Opterons.


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