RELENG_7 heavy disk = system crawls [solved]

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Sep 2 07:24:35 UTC 2009

I didn't actually solve it or do anything.
I just upgraded to RELENG_8.

Now it's behaving more like FreeBSD should.
I can do sequential reads/writes and still
use kbd/mouse/X11/buildworld and so on.
Yes, the cpu is still completely underwater,
and allowing for that, it seems interactivity
is nearly back to normal. ZFS is taking up
a power of 10 less cpu than before.
Geli is at it's rightful place on top of the
cpu/time list. And where copying GiB sized
files would sink the system requiring the
reset button, it just keeps on copying.

If anyone's having issues with similar setup/loads,
all I can say is upgrade asap.

If you do installkernel installworld mergemaster
reboot all in one uptime session, 'ln' will core
in some places. Just replace it in the makefiles
with cp -p and rerun whatever stage cored.
once you reboot into 8, all is well.

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