Comparison of FreeBSD/Linux TCP Throughput performance

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Tue Oct 20 07:05:39 UTC 2009


going to chime in on this one....just trying to help.

There's some simple things to get Gb, jumbo frames (MTU > 1500 on both the switch port and the card) is a simple way.

However, I'd have to read back on this thread as I haven't had time of late.  Basically, and I've seen this on many, many Gb cards, chipsets and Drives make the world of difference.  

I tried for a few days to try and get an HP DL360 with it's dual on-board Broadcom bge NIC to get to 1 Gb.... just plain no way.  If anyone has settings for that, I'd like to know them.  Also, this is the same chip set that a lot of vendors use and it is cheap and inexpensive.  When I couldn't get the thing to go beyond 720Mb, I tried something simple.  I ordered an Intel dual Gb port card and put that in.  WITHOUT tuning, this thing started at almost 800 Mb throughput and I almost got it to 850 Mb within a few hours.

I wish I could send those settings to this list but it was well over a year ago that I did this.

Sadly, most large vendors start with Broadcom chipsets and don't want to spent the extra $10 for the Intel chipset.  (No, I am not a fan boy of Intel, more of AMD if anything, but their NICs rock.)


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2009/10/20 István <leccine at>:

> therefore i like netpipe runs you can see the performance and the latency as
> well using the packet size as your "x" axis, i think it makes more sense
> then just 1 number

My point was to demonstrate that saturating gigabit ethernet is very
doable with FreeBSD, and his limitation is more likely somewhere other
than "TCP".

I've told him privately to check CPU utilisation. I'll do the same on
my boxes when I get some time; I'd like to know why I'm only seeing ~
800mbit with large buffers.
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