RELENG_7 heavy disk = system crawls

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Aug 12 04:53:26 UTC 2009

> cards aren't going to help with zfs.

No, but for geli hifn(4) crypto(4)/(9), geli(8) might work
if aes-cbc is indeed the mode geli uses. See the source I guess.

> Does anyone make a disk controller with crypto built in?

Yes. There are trays and cable dongles and things that do aes/des.
And some drives are coming out with it in firmware. Does anyone
like the cost, closed-source, and trust model of such hardware?

> atacontrol

I'm partly up against this because some failing drives are negotiating
lower speeds for themselves. Never thought of is as a test tool though.

> Pata doesn't do error detection on the control info

ZFS handles that and informs user about silent corruption. Precisely
because of the chained checksums. It's quite addicting.

Your little to no overhead for ffs sounds right as always.

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