Test on 10GBE Intel based network card

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> Hi,
> The limitation that you see is about the max number of packets that
> FreeBSD can handle - it looks like your best performance is reached at
> 64 byte packets?

If you are meaning in term of Packet per second, you are right. These are the packet per second measured during tests:

64 byte:        610119 Pps
512 byte:       516917 Pps
1492 byte:      464962 Pps

> Am I correct that the maximum you can reach is around 639,000 packets
> per second?

Yes, as you can see the maximum is 610119 Pps.
Where does this limit come from?

> Also you are not routing the traffic, but instead the server handles
> the requests itself and eat CPU to reply?

Correct. In these first tests I want to "tune" the system, so I am using the (let me say) worst scenario.

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