Via C7 encryption performance

Martin test at
Fri Oct 17 20:13:04 UTC 2008

Good day :)

I am planning to make local secure fileserver (everything encrypted with 
AES-256). I want it to be low power consumption and quiet device.

Motherboards with VIA C-7 CPU which has hardware acceleration for AES 
encryption looks very intresting.

Could you tell me guys approx transfer rate from and to harddisk (SATA) 
when using geli-encrypted filesystems with padlock boost ?

I am planning to buy Jetway J7F21G5D board and add gigabit ethernet to it.
It has 1,5 GHZ Via C7, FSB 133, 1 GB of DDR2 533 DIMM.

How fast in encryption it will be ?

I am planning to connect two SATA disks to it and use RAID1 on it.

Thanks for reply,

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