boot loader bug???

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Sun Nov 30 12:26:25 PST 2008

Stephen Sanders wrote:
> This may be a bad list to post to for this problem but I'm having an
> issue where in it appears that the boot loader fails and then overwrites
> the MBR with 0.
> The system boots to :
> F1 - Linux
> F3 - FreeBSD
> F5 - Drive 1"
> Default:
> But then fails on "boot error".  Rebooting will not even make it to the
> prompt above and if one checks the MBR (via a PXE boot), it has been set
> to 512 bytes of 0.
> Sound familiar?  Thanks

This is definitely not the right list for your question. Please take it
to questions at .

There has been one report that points out that some broken BIOSes change
disk IDs after booting so that the loader overwrites the boot sector on
the wrong disc, but this doesn't look like it's applicable to your
problem. You can disable MBR modification by the boot loader with the
"noupdate" options to boot0cfg(8).

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