[PATCH] pmcannotate tool

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Sun Nov 23 12:11:41 PST 2008

Quoting Attilio Rao <attilio at freebsd.org> (from Sun, 23 Nov 2008  
14:02:22 +0100):

> pmcannotate is a tool that prints out sources of a tool (in C or
> assembly) with inlined profiling informations retrieved by a prior
> pmcstat analysis.
> If compared with things like callgraph generation, it prints out
> profiling on a per-instance basis and this can be useful to find, for
> example, badly handled caches, too high latency instructions, etc.

Can this also be used to do some code coverage analysis? What I'm  
interested in is to enable something, run some tests in userland,  
disable this something, and then run a tool which tells me which parts  
of specific functions where run or not.

At first I hoped I can use dtrace for this... I had a dtrace training  
and seen the userland probes in action, where you can trace every ASM  
instruction, but unfortunately you can not do this with kernel probes.  
I tried with fbt and syscall on a Solaris 10 machine. I haven't tested  
with FreeBSD-dtrace yet, but I doubt it is more advanced in this  
regard than the Solaris dtrace. So I'm still searching.


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