mysql performance on freebsd 7

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> > May I ask whether you are using innodb or myisam? both on freebsd
> > and Linux. And what filesystem are you using for mysql's data
> > files? UFS, ZFS or anything else?
> MySQL engine used is MEMORY, filesystem is ufs, but it's not relevant.
sure it is relevant. check my results:

> > IIRC there's some hack to reduce gettimeofday()'s precision in
> > advance to enhance it's performance, that could also help a bit.
> What do You mean?
I mean what I've told you, no more, no less.

> > Have you built your mysql with linking it against libthr?
> It's a standard build from ports-current.
Standard build from ports"-current" pops up a dialog called "OPTIONS",
where you can set these options. How have you set them?

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