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Tom Evans at
Fri Jul 4 15:00:02 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-07-04 at 04:58 -0800, Ing. Todor Colakov wrote:
> I have mailserver, webserver, DNS and NFS server. I know there is no specific
> performance value, because of that I wanted make separated lists for those basic types
> (Maybe my english wasn't descriptive enough for that :( ). And also I wanted know why that
> or other value is important for the concrete type of server... I know it all stands on the
> knowledges of HW architectures, kernel, FS and alike... but I don't have these knowdleges
> (yet) and I need to meassure server. Because I need to have feedback, when changing
> setting of server.
> Todor
> P.S. Can the number of packets per second be the optimistic assumption of raw network
> processing power of the server?

PPS of what? If the server is a forwarding router, then PPS of 64 byte
packets forwarded would be a good metric. If its a database server, then
PPS is largely irrelevant.

Generally speaking, work out what you want to change, find a good metric
to measure the performance change (Eg, change filesystem/tuning options,
run bonnie++), measure before and after. Even then, its not that simple,
as bonnie++ doesnt accurately represent my FS-related workloads. The
ideal way is to find a way of measuring $APPLICATION, since that is what
the server is for.

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