FreeBSD bind performance in FreeBSD 7

Fred C fred at
Fri Feb 29 18:20:37 UTC 2008

On Feb 29, 2008, at 7:44 AM, Chris wrote:

> A weakness of freebsd is its fussyness over hardware in particular
> network cards, time and time again I see posts here telling people to
> go out buying expensive intel pro 1000 cards just so they can use the
> operating system properly when I think its reasonable to expect
> mainstream hardware to work, eg. realtek is mainstream and common as a
> onboard nic but the support in freebsd is poor and only serving
> datacentres to shy away from freebsd.  If the same hardware performs
> better in linux then the hardware isnt to blame for worser performance
> in fbsd.

The weakness comes mainly from the hardware.

It is like Nascar, you don't run Nascar in your everyday Prius. You  
need a car with stronger and ultra performing components. Your Prius  
maybe fine for your commute and your grocery shopping, but when it  
comes to a race it will perform very badly.

Here the problem is the same. For your everyday home desktop machine  
any low end network card is fine. But when you want to handle several  
thousand connections per seconds you need some some hardware who can  
handle it.

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