Upgrade from 6.3 to 7.0: Result ->Shared object not found :)

Stefan Lambrev stefan.lambrev at moneybookers.com
Fri Feb 29 15:38:16 UTC 2008


Noisex wrote:
> I don't remember during portupgrade process was some kind of errors - how
> much i saw of course. It's bad that my SSH client (SecureCRT) is configured
> with only 1024 row buffer - i can't scroll it back, or i didn't log upgrade
> process to file...so i can't be sure to 100% that there wasn't errors :( 
portupgrade shows summary at the end which is less then 1024 lines ;)

Also you can use script(1) to log, so you can analyze the output latter.
I'm not sure how script will run, if it is started in screen 
which I always use when I do long upgrades over the network, but you can 
try for yourself :)
> However that may be now i getting all functionality back step by step :)
Yes but next time when you update port/package you can be bitten badly 
if things are not in sync.


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Stefan Lambrev
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