Upgrade from 6.3 to 7.0: Result ->Shared object not found :)

Stefan Lambrev stefan.lambrev at moneybookers.com
Fri Feb 29 14:26:19 UTC 2008


Noisex wrote:
> Hi! The first of all i want felicitate FreeBSD development team and all FBSD
> community with 7.0 come-out.
> 	Ok, the question is not about performance, but anyway maybe you have
> some ideas how to solve problem in short time - i don't want rebuld all
> needed packages :)
Yes -stable or -questions will be more proper mail list to ask this :)
If you will not update any ports/packages you should install compat6x 
and then you will be able to run
bash compiled for 6.X.
The upgrade procedure is discussed every time when new major version is 
released, so you can read
this thread - 
There is very good explanation what are the problems if you do not
reinstall all of your ports/packages.
> This morning i decided to upgrade one of the my boxes from 6.3 to 7.0 using
> http://www.daemonology.net/blog/2007-11-11-freebsd-major-version-upgrade.htm
> l script not native freebsd-update().
> Scenario:
> # fetch http://people.freebsd.org/~cperciva/freebsd-update-upgrade.tgz
> # fetch http://people.freebsd.org/~cperciva/freebsd-update-upgrade.tgz.asc
> # gpg --verify freebsd-update-upgrade.tgz.asc freebsd-update-upgrade.tgz
> # tar -xf freebsd-update-upgrade.tgz
> # sh freebsd-update.sh -f freebsd-update.conf -r 7.0-RELEASE upgrade
> # sh freebsd-update.sh -f freebsd-update.conf install
> # shutdown -r now
> # sh freebsd-update.sh -f freebsd-update.conf install
> # portupgrade -faP
> # sh freebsd-update.sh -f freebsd-update.conf install
> # shutdown -r now
> All goes fine till second reboot. 
> After reboot, i couldn't logon to remote box, because default shell is bash,
> and i got error on SSH login:
> /libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libncurses.so.6" not found, required by
> "-bash"
> Thanx GOD, this box is with ILO management and i didnt need go to the data
But if you follow documentation you will see that you need access to the 
server - via serial
or local, because you have to run mergemaster and installworld in single 
user mode.
So you can't blame anybody just because you try to upgrade without 
following the instructions?
> center, so i connect through this one, reboot server to single-user mode,
> mount all necessary partitions, changed default shell to csh...I have a look
> to dmesg/messages and a roger that some services also didn't start up
> because some of the shared libs are missing or something like that:
> Checked some daemons depencies with ldd and libs like: libc, libm, libthr,
> libcrypt, libcrypto are missing, or version is changed etc.
> Question: what i did wrong in upgrade process? And how can i fix this errors
> now i short time, because portupgrade now also not working because ruby
> depencies/libs is missing and go on problems. 
> Manualy rebuild every all packages is pain in the ass on Friday night :D
compat6x can help you to run the apps and to postpone the upgrade of 
everything for Monday morning ;)


Best Wishes,
Stefan Lambrev
ICQ# 24134177

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